Hiker's  favorite!
Professional Luxury Djembe cases
Protect your djembe with one of these "one of a kind" transport cases:
A compression Draw-rope / strap to hug drum waist, - Fits multiple sizes of drums.
Up to 3  external storage pockets all around to carry all the extras.
Top pocket and a detachable accessory bag
A naturally-soft comfort-grip on top.
Inner quilting to protect wood and rope.
A devidable carrying strap convertible to shoulder backpack 
Full hiker's professional padded carry harness for confortable long walks
A foot-tred and up to 4 surrounding grab straps for easy Djembe removal
A thick re-enforced top cover which provides 100% protection to your Djembe head
Virtually waterproof case.

These are some of  the features that makes this Djembe case unique.
It is without doubt the best professional Djembe case you can find.
This item can only be purchased with a Djembe drum.
(Not for sale as an individual item).
Item code: CAMH (Hiker's favorite)
Dark Blue  or Dark Green
(Red colour discontinued)
Any Djembe size from Small to Pro Size
(25" * 17") 
Djembe bag side view - Red - CAMHRDjembe bag side view -Blue - CAMHBDjembe bag side view - Green - CAMHGDjembe case - Top inside viewDjembe case - bottom viewDjembe case - Outside top pocket viewDjembe case - Detachable pocket viewDjembe case - Detachable pocket
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Djembe case - Luxury
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