Build your own Djembe with authentic Djembe parts from Guinea.
Unless you are a professional player with years of experience , and trained at least to change you Djembe skin, we do not recommend you get into trying to mount your own Djembe - This is very serious business! Alternatively, we recommend you pick a Djembe already mounted by professional craftsmen in Guinea, from our "Djembe" page.
Pre-carved shell with 3 adjusted iron hoops and up to 82' of 5 mm non streching black rope:
Custom orders and special requirements - Please contact us
Choice of 4 different wood:
- Bala
- African mahogany (Acajou)
- Lingue

Pre-carved shell:
Professional size: 24.5" * 13.5" (DSMC)
Item code: Goatskin whole
GSW (With hair) - GSWH (Hairless)
Size: 31" * 27*
Item code: GSD - Goatskin disk
(With hair)
Diameter: 23"
Item code: CSD - Cow skin disk
(With hair)
Diameter: 34"
Top quality skins from Guinea
Djembe goatskin
Djembe goatskin disk
Cow skin disk
Item code: CSW - Cow skin - whole
very large size - can be used for an entire  doundoumba set
Pre-carved shell - shown with "C" type carvingTop viewUnderneath view
Click for enlarged view
"C" type - foot carving
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Djembe parts & Skins
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