The  five-headed   drum  consists  of  four   small Melina wood djembes  attached  around  a  larger djembe.
It is only played by hand, held with a strap, and tuned up or down the same way a regular single Djembe is.
Also called 5-Headed drum, its four  small  drums are each tuned to produce a  sound  distinct  from the others.  It is  found  amoung the Guerze ethnic group, in the  forest regions of Guinea (West Africa) , place where this set originates from.
Item code: DJ5M
Size: 20" * 16" * 12"
All  musical instruments  are  authentic professional instruments from West Africa.
The  craftsmen  who  built  them  are descended   from   families  who   have produced the same artifacts for generations. They  have  mastered  the techniques of selecting  materials  and  building   quality instruments  through  the  years. Hear   for   yourself  the   unique sound that first  echoed through Africa and now the world
Map of Guinea - West Africa
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Plani bala - 5 headed drum set
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