Top quality Guinean goat and cow skins
Item code: GSW (With hair)
GSWH (Hairless)
Goatskin Whole - Size: 31" * 27*
Item code: GSD - Goatskin disk
(With hair)
Diameter: 23"
Item code: CSD - Cow skin disk
(With hair)
Diameter: 34"
Djembe and Doundoumba drum repairs
Item code: CSW - Cow skin - whole
very large size - can be used for an entire doundoumba set
Guinean Goatskin - whole - shown with hairGuinean hairless Goatskin - wholeGuinean Goatskin - Disk - shown with hairGuinean Cow skin - Disk
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Top quality Cow and Goatskins from Guinea
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