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Each group class is 1 hour 30 Min in Toronto on Thursday nights only (Bloor & Spadina). Packages purchased after Sept 1st 2015 do not expire. Gift cards do not expire, and will be printed /mailed via postal services. Included with each initial purchase of package or gift card is a free "one on one" introductory class. Start attending anytime, as we do not have any series starting and finishing at specific dates (Classes credit to be used at your convenience).
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CLG6 - 6 group CLA - $90
CLG9 - 9 group CLA - $130
CLG12 - 12 group CLA - $170
CLG15 - 15 group CLA - $200
CLG18 - 18 group CLA - $235
GC-CLG1 - 1 group CLA - Gift card - $20
GC-CLG6 - 6 group CLA - Gift card - $90
GC-CLG9 - 9 group CLA - Gift card - $130
GC-CLG12 - 12 group CLA - Gift card - $170
GC-CLG15 - 15 group CLA - Gift card - $200
GC-CLG18 - 18 group CLA - Gift card - $235
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