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Company introduction
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Djembe buying guide and video
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Authentic Djembe kits from Guinea (shells / rope / rings) - available with multiple foot carving types
Authentic Djembe drum care
Authentic Djembe tuning (Slide show)
Chart about preferred West African Djembe wood - color - and density
Various authentic musical instruments from Guinea for sale - video
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Guinean traditional percussion orchestra
Djembe Buying guide - Advice for purchasing a Djembe
Djembe Tuning and care
Djembe wood
Beyond the “Doundoun/ Djembe” Guinean orchestra model
What makes a “Djembefola – Doundoufola” a Master Drummer
Order a Djembe kit
Adults and children drumming classes description and benefits
The origin and transformation of the Djembe drum – [The short story]
What is the best pitch for my authentic Djembe drum?
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The many ways to play the Doundoun set.
Why you need an authentic Djembe drum to learn how to play
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