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Rhythm Tomanka ("Liberté") - origin

A modern rhythm (early 1970's), emerged out of the capital Conakry's neighborhoods drum and dance groups competitions, and got its name from the name of one of these groups:"Ballet Liberté".

The story of this rhythm comes from the liberation ("Liberté") from the French colonizer's ongoing tax harassment of the people.

There is a second rhythm variation that was also created by this same group (Liberte 2).

The rhythm Liberté was inspired / built out of the rhythms "Triba", and “traditional Soko”.

If you are interested in a detailed history of this groovy rhythm from Guinea, you will enjoy this video of one of the greatest Guinean percussionists: Aboubacar Fatouabou Camara.

(Demonstration only at the very end by some of his young students)

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