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Testimonials - Reviews
At  "Alpha Rhythm Roots", our  dream  is  to bring  the  music, dance, traditions, and culture  of  our country, Guinea, to Canada and the world. We've been consistently promoting traditional music and cultures of Africa for over 10 years ! 
Alpha Rhythm Roots is committed to providing informative drumming classes focused on Guinean Rhythms /  Group workshops and presentations/ Team building workshops and retreats/ Live performances / Percussionist for concert or  recording, Artist Management services, as well as providing authentic West African musical instruments..

All events / services can be organized in English or French
Promoting the music and cultures of Africa for over 10 years. We are from Guinea - Based in Toronto Canada

Our company was founded in 1999.
The  founder  of Alpha Rhythm Roots, Alpha, is from Guinea, West Africa.
English and French bilingual, Alpha is based in Toronto – Canada.      
He has a bachelor's degree, and also worked as a Planner / Project Manager in the corporate world in Europe and Canada for years.

Our company started as a source for the best professional mandingue musical instruments sold worldwide, and developed into a multitude of music related services. 
In collaboration with percussionists Derek Thorne, Walter MacLean, and multiple other musicians and artists, Alpha regularly performs and provide drumming related services at concerts, festivals, cultural events, schools, private corporate events, and community fundraiser in the Greater Toronto Area, across Ontario, and elsewhere in Canada.

Click to watch "Alpha Rhythm Roots"
Promotional live performance video:

The many past appearances and collaboration work of “Alpha Rhythm Roots” include concerts for “Free the Children” and a concert with rock band Juno award winner “Sam Roberts” and “Sam Roberts Bands”, with  a percussive arrangement for a few tracks of the “New Years Eve 2014  E.T Canada concert” in Niagara Falls:
In addition to running his business, Alpha is also very engaged in musicology.
Part of his studies has been used to built the instrument section of our web site.
He has already been featured on Canadian television (TFO, VIA TVA, Fibe TV), in documentaries and interviews about traditional music in Guinea and West Africa.
Alpha has also worked on the composition and recording of music for TV documentaries.

Click to watch  « Alpha Rhythm Roots »  Batuki-La / Fibe TV Interview (French):
“Batuki-La Interview":

Click to download « Alpha Rhythm Roots » 2010 "Surface & Symbol" article:
“Download Newspaper Article"

Alpha is specialized in base drum “Doundoun” percussion instrument, but also plays the Djembe drum among other West African musical percussive instruments.

Note for schools:
Our company signed an official educational programing partnership agreement with the TDSB, which allows us to work in any Toronto school - We also work with all G.T.A school boards (English, French, Catholic, etc..).

Alpha attended and passed:
- High Five Fundamental Movement Skills Professional Development "FMS PD".
(A Certification assisting in working with children's programs in the recreation industry).
- Artistic education certificate - Artist working in the schools
(Course jointly proposed by the Ontario Arts council and York university).
- 1st Aid course (CPR LvlC), and Police vulnerable check.
Reviews - We'd like to hear from you:
Greetings Alpha,
I just wanted to let you know that my djembe arrived yesterday.  It's beautiful!!  The drum is exactly the color and size I wanted and I am quite impressed with the level of craftsmanship.  It sounds great too!  I brought my djembe to an Africa drumming class, and received many complements on it. People were impressed with not only the look and sound of the drum, but also with the fair price I paid.  In addition, thank you for the T-shirt
I will be sure to wear it at my next drum class.  Thanks again for a handsome, great-sounding drum.

Mel Osborne
New Jersey - USA
Customer Testimonials - Reviews:
Hi Alpha,
I played the Djembe with my friends today. The sound is great and strong.. The bass is very good. Really is a professional Djembe. The head size is perfect, and the whole base carved is beautiful. I love this Djembe.
Congratulations  Alpha Rhythm Roots

Norberto Navarro
Guadalajara, Mexico
Hi, I finally got my djembe.  It looks very nice and sounds very good as well.
I am really enjoying it.  I took my djembe and sat in with a group last night and they really liked the drum also.
I got the strap on it correctly I think
Thanks again,

Michael Bullock
South Carolina - USA
Hello Alpha,
I just wanted to let you know that since I have been enjoying my large  krin so much,
I have placed an order for another one (smaller version). My hope is that I can bring both krin to my drumming classes and drum circles and get a  krin duo going.  My African drumming teacher was excited when I brought my krin to his class last week.  He played the Kuku rhythm on it while we accompanied him on drums.  It sounded great!

Melville . O
Thank you to all our customers who ordered from all over the world and enjoy professional musical instruments. Thank you to all the schools, individuals, and companies that requested and enjoyed our drumming services in Canada through the years.

Alpha would like to also Thank all Master drummers, drummers, dancers, and musicians from Guinea, that he met in the past 20 years, for further teaching him and inspiring him, allowing him to further inform the public about the music and traditions of the Mandingue!
A special Thank you to Dundufola Mohamed Akra, for is great contribution to Alpha's Doundoun upright style playing technique (Base drums).

Among many legendary Master drummers, the four that inspired  Alpha the most: Fadouba Oulare, Mamady Keita (Kargus), Famoudou Konate, and Mohamed Diaby. Although Alpha never got to meet or study with Fadouba Oulare before he passed away, he really like his unique style. Fadouba Oulare will be remembered as one of the greatest Guinean Master percussionist of his generation.
Hi Alpha,
I want to let you know that I am really enjoying learning drumming with you.  I feel challenged, I have fun and appreciate your patience and teaching style.

Toronto, Canada.
Hi There,
The performance was great!!! We only had to apologize that Alpha had to wait so long to perform for us. The performance really made the event enjoyable and fulfilling!!!
Uof T
Toronto, Canada.
Alpha was very good at organizing a suitable workshop with such short notice and being patient with our group getting there.  He was very good at keeping the students challenged
and interested.  The way that he teaches kept the students working hard and having fun, but at the same time, they began to understand the larger concept of African drumming and
rhythm.  He was very inspiring to a ramshackle group of teenagers of varying ages (14-18 years old).  It was effective and impressive.  We can't wait to come back in years to come.

Erika, school teacher
Toronto, Canada
In October 2006, Fedex Canada celebrated the theme "Around the FedEx World in 5 days".
Due in large part of your participation in celebrating aspect of your culture. Fedex Express would like to extend our sincere thank you for making Diversity week a success.

Michelle.M and Kavitha.V
Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha!!
You and your band were just superb and our employees were thrilled with the drumming and general air of rigorous energy and enthusiasm that your team brought with you. 
I hope we are able to hear you again in the not too distant future! 

Thanks & regards

Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha,
Thanks for meeting with me today.
The Djembe you have given me is, without a doubt, a top-quality instrument. 
It is a work of art that I will treasure and take great care of.  The sound that comes from it can't even be described in words - it can only be heard!
My father is a percussionist - his favorite drum being the Conga.  He plays mostly Afro-Cuban rhythms.  When I hear African rhythms, I go back to a very happy place.

Thanks for spreading the knowledge and sharing these special instruments.
I learned so much just from reading your website!

Toronto, Canada
Hi - I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the djembe that I ordered from you. It came in great condition and was better than I ever thought. It has a very nice sound. I bought it for my husband who is a professional percussionist. He began  getting into Latin percussion about 10 years ago and I thought he might enjoy something "a little different". I think he's going to love it! THANKS!!

New Jersey, USA
Dear Alpha,

It has happened, our “Fight Hunger Walk- Toronto”, and I am very pleased to have met Alpha Rhythm Roots and musical companions who shared in the excitement of the event.
It is with deep convictions that I say; having your presence was a big help in promoting our cause. Your participation made a real difference in us, raising much-needed funds and generating excellent visibility and press coverage in your community about child hunger.
By getting citizens out on the streets and taking action, we are urging our policymakers to put an end to the needless distress of hungry children, and thus meet the UN Millennium Development Goal No. 1 of having the number of hungry people decrease by 2015. It is hard to imagine, but more than 800 million people suffer from hunger in this world of plenty.
In conclusion, by joining us in our “Fight Hunger Walk – Toronto” displayed a tremendous show of solidarity in our fight against hunger.  Together we are making some very important strides toward successfully eradicating hunger in the world.
Thank you for being a participant in this Global effort.
Respectfully yours,

Ann Harper

UNWFP Fight Hunger Walk – Organizer
Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha.
On behalf of the group, I would just like to thank you for running the djembes workshop. Your passion and energy was felt by everyone who participated. You are an amazing drummer and the skills you demonstrated for us tonight was very inspirational. Thank you once again for your enthusiasm and teachings, it was very fun and educational!

Man Ying Ho
University of Toronto, Canada.
Loved the way you interacted with the audience.
It was an outstanding performance and was talked about by everyone.  I look forwarded to working with you again!

Whitby, Ontario
Dear Alpha.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an amazing was a beautiful show segment and I have received favourable comments on the Guinean drummers.
I look forward to working with you again real soon for the Hamilton show
Until then.

Fashion show producer
Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha.
Thank you so much for coming, we really enjoyed your performance. We will definately invite you again to participate in Afrobeat next year.

Thank you again.
A.S.A - U of T
Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha
I wanted to say "Asante Sana" for the GREAT Djembe workshop!!  Everyone was more than impressed with the drums, as well as your guidance.  My friend, Cindy, will most definitely book with you in the future - she thought the workshop was a unique idea, especially for a b-day party. You're an excellent teacher and I wish you all the best with your business...

Toronto, Canada
Fast Delivery for international postage.Good quality instrument.Thank you.

Fiona Morris
Thank you,
I have received your beautiful Krin - Sound very good and good quality.

BC, Canada
I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of service I received with my purchase from Alpha Rhythm Roots. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful ngoni, and I hope to order further instruments from your establishment in future.

Albert E. Fulton
I must say that I, along with all my guests, thoroughly enjoyed your performance.  I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from all.  You guys were simply amazing and I look forward to booking you for future events.  Thanks once again.

Mississauga, Ontario
Last night's drumming workshop was so much fun.
We all learned a lot, developed more confidence, discovered a few more skills, and had a great time!   Thank you again for your energy, your enthusiasm, and your kindness.
You are a natural teacher.

Dorchester, Ontario
Hi Alpha
I just wanted to say that I was very happy to meet you. How you observed the other workshops before  yours, and changed how you conducted what you taught based on what 
you saw, is a testament to your character and quality as a good  teacher. Thank you very much for adding your positive calm, and  artistic skill, to what we do at Hillside. Whether I am involved or  not, be sure that you will always be welcome.

I look forward to the chance to learn with you if you do end up 
teaching here in Guelph, my name is on the list.

Guelph, Ontario
Adolescents posing after drumming workshop
Toronto, Canada
Dear Alpha
The drumming performance at the BBQ was fantastic and very entertaining, even considering the last minute venue change. All of the drummers were very professional and patient with the delay and the change.
Again, many thanks for your help and patience, we look forwards to working with you again. Please keep us updated on any performances you may be having that are open to the public.

Best Wishes,

Ryerson university
Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha
Once again a great show thank you!!
Everyone did a fantastic job!
Again, I love the theme and we will be pitching this now to our clients. Great job!
Toronto, Canada
Dear Alpha,
I wanted to let you know that you were amazing and very powerful, thank you so much for doing the show and for attending the rehearsal. I loved your costumes, it was all so perfect for the scene. You guys rocked!
Looking forward to working with you again.
Best Regards,
Erika L
Toronto, Canada
Hello Alpha,
Thank YOU so much for such a great performance. I was very happy that Cadbury included African drummers in my scene. It was also nice that you know Ruth... that made it that much more special.

Thank you again and I hope our paths cross again,

Izzy Camilleri - Fashion designer
Toronto, Canada
Hey there,
the ngoni has finally arrived. It looks and sounds awesome, thank you.

Athens, Greece
Hey Alpha,
I really enjoy your classes.  You know the material really well, you are attentive, patient and kind, and fun too!  What more could we ask for?
Guelph, Canada
Hey Alpha,
I apologize for taking off so quickly after the session yesterday without thanking you.  So - I send my genuine thanks today.  You are a great musician and a remarkable teacher and you managed that unusual collection of talent yesterday like a true master.  You are quite impressive in your field.

Toronto, Canada
Drumming workshops
Students performances
live performance video
Hi there,
I just wanted to thank you and your drummers.
They did an EXCELLENT job at the Write to Give Day. They really set the tone for the was perfect.
The cheque has been put in the mail.
I look forward to working with you and your organization again soon.
Please pass on my thanks,

Amy McLaren
Toronto, Canada
Hello Alpha,
I just wanted to say that my husband and I, and company we had here visiting from Germany attended the Muhtadi festival on Sunday (thanks to still being on your list) to experience the event but to see your group performance especially... It was a joy to see and hear your ensemble.... a credit to you as teacher and the dedication of your students.... Excellent performance.... we truly enjoyed all the pieces, very professional....great sounds of the djembe.... Wow... Their hands must have been sore....
Toronto, Canada
Overall shopping experience: Excellent
The drum is wicked good. That's the only reason I would ever buy a drum online. This is serious QUALITY! It's gorgeous and the sound... blew me away. Instant connection with this drum. Thank you for such a good product.

Mic Fox
Findlay, OH
Dear Alpha,
Thank you for helping make this year's Four Seasons wellness day such a success.
We really appreciate it and hope to see you next year.

All the best,

Melinda and the Corporate human resources team
Toronto, Canada
You make immediate attachments with the kids. They loved learning from you! We had a fabulous day drumming in the park and for the rest of the week our students practiced what you taught them on our school djembe.
Thank you!

Victoria Tool
Guelph - Ontario
Alpha is a patient, good natured and enthusiastic teacher. He provided fourteen people in an introduction class with basic techniques. The class was invigorating and joyous!
All our staff enjoyed it and is talking about it as we speak.
Thank you again teaching us about African drumming. It was a pleasure.

Dave Dickson
Toronto, Canada
Some of our public and private events highlights include:

- Schools (Events organized in hundreds of schools)
TDSB and all school boards across the G.T.A and Ontario (English / French / Catholic   etc..), as well as many private schools.
- Multicultural summer festival (Toronto Harbourfront Centre).
- Beat Migration (Toronto Lee's Palace).
- Diversity week celebration at Federal Express Canada.
- KCO-Kenyan Jamhuri day 43rd independence anniversary
- Multicultural Wedding Show (Toronto Metro Convention Centre).
- Harbourfront Community Centre 15th Anniversary.
- The Cottage African lounge.
- 21st International Black Women's Congress 2006 (Holiday Inn Hotel / Markham)
-Futurewatch Environmental non profit organization
  (Toronto Harbourfront community centre).
- Kuumba - African Heritage Month (Toronto Harbourfront Centre).
- United Nations World Food Programme - UNWFP "Fight Hunger Walk- Toronto".
- Muhtadi International drumming festival - with drumming students (Toronto Queen's Park)
- "Carnivalissima"- Luminato Festival 2007 (Toronto Harbourfront Centre)
- AfroFest (Toronto Queen's Park).
- Irie Fest Toronto (Nathan Phillips Square)
- Ryerson university - International student services barbecue.
- Hillside festival - Guelph Ontario
- George Hull centre for children
- Elementary teachers of Toronto (E.T.T)
- Book Lover's ball 2008-Toronto public libraries (Downtown Royal York hotel)
- 4th annual Cadbury Chocolate couture collection - fashion show
  (Drumming for Izzy Camilleri presenting "African Queen" at Toronto Carlu hotel)
- Soldier's Memorial Hospital foundation Gala (Orillia - Casino Rama)
- University of Western Ontario UWO - Presentation to music major students.
-Saint Mary's food bank - Global Village Gala dinner - Mississauga Cdn Coptic Centre..
- Bata shoe Museum
- Francophone centre of Toronto
- Engineers without borders (Metro convention centre)
- U of T (University of Toronto)
- Mayor's Youth Task Force (Markham)
- Free the Children
- World Teacher Aid
- Canadian association of African studies conference - Kingston Ontario
- Franco-Fete (Harbourfront centre)
- Ontario Students Leadership conference (Niagara Falls - Sheraton Hotel)
- Athletes for Africa - Gulu Walk
- I.K.E.A
- R.O.M (Toronto Royal Ontario Museum)
- Toronto Zoo
- Yamaha Motors
- Saint Michael's choir school (Show at Massey Hall - 2 songs recorded on their Christmas DVD)
- YWCA Toronto
- Dignitas (Race for dignity)
- Canadian Feed The Children
- Branksome Hall
- TMS College - Montessori
- CN Rail
-Sam Roberts Band - Percussive arrangement and performance for 4 of the band's tracks for         New Years Eve 2014 - ET Canada outdoor concert - Niagara Falls
- The Salama Shield Foundation
-The Lions club International
- Grand & Toy
- Nike Canada
- Fibe TV (Featured in a music video)
...And more....
Hello Alpha,

I wanted to let you know that my Djembe arrived 2 days ago (Thursday).  I have played it every day since it's arrival.  It is fantastic!  I don't know much about playing it yet, but, I feel sure that it will teach me a great deal!  The rhythm is in my heart! 
Thank you for the great customer service!  

Kentuky, U.S.A
Hi Alpha!
My hand-carved Guinean krin arrived yesterday in perfect condition, exceptionally well packed.  The wood is absolutely beautiful and the sound of the drum is out of this world.  The special wood sticks, as you said they would, make a huge difference in clarity and volume.
I play it outdoors and it echoes throughout our woods. Your responses to my phone and email queries gave me confidence all along that I would receive a superior drum from a superior source.  I look forward to buying another drum from you very soon and will spread the good word to my drumming friends.  Thank you also for the Alpha Rhythm Roots tee-shirt. It has been a pleasure doing business with you all around.  Merci bien!

Nonesuch, Kentucky USA
Hi Alpha
Thank you so much for last night! You and your crew were awesome! Many of the guests were commenting on it and I heard more than a few say that you were the highlight
Thank you again for being part of making the event a success!

Toronto, Canada

Hi Alpha.
My name is Paul, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with your skill and teaching abilities. I feel what makes a great teacher is their ability to immediately determine what a student is capable of, what level they are at, and then push them just beyond that limit enough to challenge them and make it enjoyable. I can clearly see these qualities in yourself.
Toronto, Canada.
What an awesome performance. Thanks so much for coming. The students and staff were so entertained. I am sure they will be talking about it for a long time to come. One teacher told me that it was the best assembly they have had since she was there three years now. Thanks again. I will definitely be referring you to other groups.

Best Regards,
Joy Ricketts
Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha,
You put on a great show - the audience loved it. I understand that on Monday you did a rotation so that more kids could have a chance at trying the drums.
Thanks so much for being so flexible and working to make it the best experience possible.
I will definitely keep you in mind for future events.
As soon as I download the photos off my camera I will send some to you.

Toronto, Canada
Hello Alpha and Team,
We would like to thank you for your amazing work yesterday!!! The client was thrilled and the feedback was also incredible. Thank you and your team for doing such a great job!!
We will most definitely keep you in mind for future shows. You were wonderful to work with.
To more events!

Samantha D.Angelis
Toronto, Canada
Just  a  brief  note on behalf of  my  wife  and I,  and  especially  on 
behalf of our son James, thank you for your advice and help with the 
beautiful  djembe  we  recently purchased from you. It arrived safely 
last Wednesday and  we  took  it up to Edmonton on Friday for him.
He loved it. The clarity,  volume  and  variety of tones that  the drum 
produces  blew  us  both  away. Nothing  he  or  I had played before
(the LP look-alikes etc.) came close.  We  can't  thank you enough.
We also feel really good that a portion of  the money  will  be  going 
to the artisans  in  Guinea- it's  kind  of  like  getting  a   Stradivarius 
violin from Antonio himself along with the knowledge that you are, in 
a small way, helping a community - and this is also something that 
hits close to home as my wife is from Africa.

The photo is of our son James (the professional drummer).

Thanks again!

Murray and Pat McDonnell
Saskatchewan - Canada
Hi Alpha,
I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to let you know how well pleased I am with this outstanding Djembe purchased from you.
It sounds amazing and continues to sound even better with more practice and playing. It has such deep rich tones and the slaps are amazing. I am getting better in experimenting with the skin and how to get even more sounds.

Best regards to you and your business.

alessandro superina
Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha,
Wow, what a performance you gave on Friday. Our guests gave raving reviews of your performance and highly enjoyed it.
Ricky, who also used to play with a Trinidadian band when he was in Montreal, loved the performance. We will be sure to use Alpha Rhythm Roots for our future events and will recommend your group to all of our colleagues.
Thanks again and may God bless you all for taking the time to make our wedding spectacular.

Scarborough, ON
I was impressed by the web site and flash movies. It conveyed to me that you had true love for what you were doing. Something that is rare these days. Additionally, your personal touch of calling me the next day after my internet request gave me confidence in buying from you. The drum is a thing of beauty. Well worth the money and joy it will give the whole family. Thank you Alpha.

Brian D
Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha.
I have always been in love with African music - the rhythm, the beat, the raw feeling of it. And when I listen for the beat in  any music, when dancing for example, I listen for the drum (not the clave). Basically, percussions in music and an African motif is what I look for, when I listen to music of any kind. So, when I traveled to Morocco, I got a Doumbelek, then later a friend  of mine gave me a small djembe, which were just a decoration in my house. Now, after signing for your classes, I can actually use them for what they were meant to be used. I love your classes, the atmosphere and the energy. I also appreciate the bonus private lesson, which comes with the package, and the access to some helpful graphics on your website. I do believe that if I do my practice, you can make a drummer out of me ...:)
I am glad I found you!

Thank you for your patience with people like me, who have no musical background at all!

Toronto, Canada
I began taking djembe lessons in 2007. I had studied jazz drumming briefly, and much as I love playing drum kit, I really wanted the close connection that comes with hand on drum and being part of a drumming ensemble.

From the start, I loved the connection I felt to my djembe, and to the other drummers. I know it sounds corny, but when I begin to play, I look at the skin, the wood, the ropes, and think of the tree, the animal and the djembe maker. I know that they have done their part, and all that stands between the drum and beautiful music is me, and I focus on playing as well as I can. I love to hear the way the rhythms fit together, and to feel the connection with so many others who have danced, celebrated, worked, fought, and mourned together to the same melodies.

I enjoyed my first year of classes, with another teacher, but really came to love drumming when I joined Alpha's classes. I loved the way he accommodated students of all levels in each class, the fact that students were not locked into a series of classes but could come and go, and especially, that we learned all the rhythms that make up the songs - not just the djembe parts but the doundoumba as well.

Life took some tricky turns for me and I wasn't able to attend drum class for a year or so. In the fall of 2011, I happened to connect with some djembe drummers who played backup to a rock singer. I joined them for rehearsals and a very fun performance. I realized how much I missed Alpha's classes and have been happily attending them weekly since then.

No matter how hard my week, I feel the stress melt away in class. There is nothing quite like the feeling when we get into a groove and can hear not just the melody but beautiful harmonics resonating from the vibrations of the drums. Thank you, Alpha, for the chance to be a part of something so beautiful.

Toronto, Canada
Hi Alpha,
Thank you for the wonderful performance.  The kids all had fun and it was such a great experience for them.

Debbie, TDSB
Toronto, Canada
Given an enduring interest in African culture and a desire to stimulate my mind, I recently signed up for beginners’ djembe drumming with Alpha Roots Rhythm.  I love the classes!  Who could resist the infectious rhythms or, the positive group energy? Alpha is personable, enthusiastic, and well organized. He effortlessly accommodates our various learning styles and levels, always providing students with both a sense of accomplishment and an element of challenge in each class. Playing the Djembe, as well as the Doundoumba, Sangban and Kenkeni drums allows us to appreciate firsthand various traditional Guinean polyrhythms. Alpha’s cultural explanations and his drumming demonstrations reveal the beauty and complexity of African drumming and motivate us to persevere beyond our humble beginnings!

~ Patricia
Toronto, Canada.
Amazing event! The workshop and the performance by professional drummers definitely kept our group of 25 people engaged for the afternoon! Would definitely recommend this for large or small groups looking for something unique and fun!

Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha,
Thanks for coming and doing the workshops for us. I think the students were quite engaged in the learning.
It was very nice to hear the real thing done well, and to start to appreciate the complexities of Guinean music.
I will certainly pass on your name.

Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha,
Thank you and your team so much for coming to Ryerson to LIVEN us up.
You were all amazing, and we will definitely recommend you to colleagues etc. And if we even encounter funds in the future for such an event, hopefully you can come back?!
Best wishes and thanks again, you and your team were truly amazing, and we received a lot of positive feedback from the audience.

All the best!
Toronto, Canada.
Hi Alpha.  My thanks to you for your excellent instruction.  I heard nothing but compliments about the way you taught and the quality of what you were able to extract from the team.  All were quite excited about your knowledge, skill, and passion and about what they were learning.
Thank you for making the time to be with us.  Hopefully we will be able to do this again in the future.

A Paul C.
Toronto, Canada.
I'm loving my new gongoma! It's very nicely made and sounds terrific! Alpha is great, he really cares about his customer's satisfaction. The package was shipped quickly and arrived safe & secure. Very highly recommended, you can't go wrong ordering from Alpha!


Tampa, FL
You guys were one of the highlights of our reception and everyone loved your energetic and upbeat performance. You literally started the event with a bang!
Thank you!

Markham, ON
Alpha’s Gene Therapy.
All my life I’ve been the one who could not follow a rhythm. Try as I might, I’d end up breaking away from the sweet sounds of my many and varied teachers and end up corrupting the musical sensibilities of all within earshot.  The horrified looks on their poor faces will be forever stamped in the grey matter where my long-term memory resides. As a small boy I learned that it was best for all involved if I removed myself from all music gatherings and as a strategy this has served me, and indeed all of humankind, well. I learned to blame it on my genes. “It’s not my fault”, I’d say, “I just don’t have the genes for music”. Music was what other people did. Then something magical happened when I reached that misunderstood, ripe period of life called middle age. I lost all humility and off I was many years later to re-embark on the journey to that promised land: musical merriment.

I knew that I needed a uniquely abled and competent instructor with great patience and an infinite sense of humour. But for me, the one lacking the correct genes, I needed more. That’s why I turned to Alpha. Oh, sure he knows music, and as an artist and educator he is superb but he has proven to be more: much more.

Alpha’s methods are gene therapy.  I’m convinced that his smile and humorous quips are used as masterful distractions while he cleverly applies his surgical skills to my DNA, splicing, shifting and reforming it to fix my genes.  Alpha is not only a master musician and master teacher but he has the ability to do what no human has hitherto been able to do - get me to follow a rhythm!

I recommend Alpha’s classes to all who, like me, are genetically challenged but also to those of you who so annoyingly are predisposed to musical competence. With Alpha’s lead we can get to the point of making beautiful music together and have a great time on the way.

Toronto, ON
I played the piano growing up however had not touched a musical instrument in 18 years. Earlier this summer I watched a djembe orchestra and was curious. After searching around I found Alpha.
Alpha first explained the instrument and how it is played as part of an orchestra with other drums which was helpful to understand the bigger picture. Then we got to playing or making noise as I do. Alpha has mastered the art of adult teaching, a heap of positive reinforcement and a scoop of patience and he does this with a smile throughout.
I encourage anybody to try this especially with Alpha. He seems to connect to your learning style and it does not matter how long it takes you to get a pattern.
As for you the student come with an open mind, don't get discouraged and remember to practice all things I am trying to do myself.
Toronto, Canada
I have been taking drumming lessons with Alpha since January of 2013. I am now in the beginner-intermediate class. The classes are engaging and challenging. There is a feeling of camaraderie that has grown between all members of the class. We truly enjoy each other and help each other. We comfortably laugh at our mistakes. Alpha is not only an incredibly knowledgeable and skillful teacher, he shows patience, caring and encouragement at all levels of our growth. He creates an atmosphere where everyone is respected.  I look forward to each Thursday.  The classes are also fun!

Toronto, Canada
I was so happy to receive a call confirming my order. It was lovely chatting with Alpha. The hikers drum bag I ordered arrived quickly, and when it did arrive, my expectations were exceeded at the quality of it. SOO happy with my purchase!! Thank you!

Kelsey Jensen
Kingston, ON
Hi Alpha:
I ordered a djembe from you a few weeks ago and don't know if you received my voicemail. Just want to let you know it's a beautiful instrument! I absolutely love it and my drum group loves it too. It sounds amazing and I'm very very happy with it. My teacher loves it too. I'll be referring you to anyone who is interested in buyig a djembe as we can't get good quality drums like that here in Calgary. Also, Canada Post was fantastic, I'm happy with them but happier with you.

Christine M
Calgary, BC
Hi Alpha:
Everyone loved the performance. We liked how you got all the students and teachers engaged.  Drumming was fantastic. It was perfect.
Quote from one of my grade 12's after the assembly, "I think that was the best assembly we have ever had.  It was exciting and so much fun."

Best Regards,

Joy (Teacher, Peel schoolboard)
Toronto, ON
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Hi there Alpha,

The doundoun has safely arrived! The drums look 10x better than the picture, I have to say.
The edge carving job look amazing, I did not expect that. And most important, they sound really nice with the bells. Wow....I think you just made me the happiest man.
Thank you very much for all the responses!
Thank you and your craftsman for the great work!
Will talk to you soon in the future for more business.

Richmond, BC
Thank-you so much.  The drum arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  I’ll be looking forward to starting lessons again next week!!  I’ll definitely pass on your company info to others in my class who may be looking for a new drum!

Calgary, AB
Hi Alpha
Just wanted to send a big thank you for the performance on Tuesday night at the Roxy.  The audience has been raving about the entertainment and how much fun it was.  Please pass along our thank you to all the guys in the group.   Hope your drive back to Toronto went well. 
Owen Sound, ON
I would like to thank Alpha for my drum got it in today this is my 3rd drum i bought from him and as always nothing but the best best drums in Canada. by a long shot..a big thank you again the service was Number one thanks again Merci B.....many Blessings .... 

Michael S
St Genevieve, QC
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Thanks bro i got the Doundoun set  today, it was very Nice Heavy good quality.
Am 100% satisfied bro. Happy New year.

Oslo, Norway
The entire team had a great time. Everyone raved about how fun the event was and how refreshing i was to use a different aspect of their thinking after a long day in strategy sessions. Thank you Alpha for making this experience a lot of fun and full of learning!

Toronto, ON
Thank you for helping us decide which instruments to purchase for our school.  We are using them daily, are very impressed with the quality and the kids are loving them!!  Thank you again for all your help!!

Taber, AB
Yesterday I had the privilege of having Alpha Rhythm Roots perform at a language/cultural event at my high school.  Not only  were the drummers punctual, professional and courteous, but they delivered a high energy show.  Our students and fellow  teachers were entertained, educated and engaged.  I would certainly hire them again for another event.

Toronto, ON
Hi Alpha, it was great to have you and your group come to our School.  The students really enjoyed your performance!  It was  engaging and very educational.  Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about African Drumming.
Thank you again :)

Toronto, ON
Staff and Students were so engaged and loved the movement and interaction during the performance.

Oakville , ON
Many thanks to both of you today for an outstanding couple of sessions with the grade 4 girls! They had a blast and the  energy in the gym was wonderful to see!
I'll be in touch about getting you back again next year!!!  Have a great w/e!

Oakville, ON
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