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Our Artist management services are mainly, but not solely oriented towards emerging and developing African music artists in Canada.

Most African music artists arriving in Canada are not very familiar with the Canadian music industry and its mechanisms. Succeeding as an African musician in Toronto, or elsewhere in Canada, takes a very different set of skills than it does anywhere on the African continent.  Too many African musicians with great potentials have made the mistake of trying to handle their own career, avoiding any artist management services, leading to lots of frustrations, huge missed opportunities, and disastrous long-term consequences for their career.


At “Alpha Rhythm Roots” we firmly believe that in Canada, talented musicians cannot grow to their full potential while spending too much time distracted away from their art.

Hiring an Artist music manager is the one thing that will put you one step ahead of your competition, setting you for success by trusting a trained professional helping you manage some of the important and necessary work to boast your growth, as well as helping you put in place and manage a long-term strategy in line with your goals, while you can spend more time growing what you do best.... your music.

This will ultimately set you up for a successful long-term career in Canada, and possibly beyond.


The best way to grow beyond local is to do it through an artist manager who is familiar with the African Canadian music industry.

Whether you've just arrived in Canada, or you've been here for a while, and you think you could use some of our Artist management services to advance your career, please use the artist submission form on this page to get in touch with us

​All artist management services  are available in English or French


Thanks for submitting!

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