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Main percussive musical instruments
Map of Guinea - West Africa
best Djembe front view
Plani bala - 5 headed drum
Kese Kese
Baga drum
African musical instruments
All African musical instruments on this page are authentic instruments from Guinea – West Africa, available and waiting for you to make a purchase.
They are built by craftsmen whose families have been producing these quality musical instruments for generations. They have perfected the technique of instrument making and use the best materials. These African musical instruments are top of the line authentic professional instruments. These African musical instruments have their origin mainly rooted in one of the following groups: Hunters originated musical instruments (mainly strings), Jelis originated musical instruments (Mainly strings), Blacksmiths originated musical instruments.(Mainly drums), other musical instruments.

They can also be classified simply as:
-Main percussive musical instruments
-Wind musical instruments
-String musical instruments.

To purchase  or get further information about any of the African musical instruments posted on this page,
Please follow the detailed page for each instrument.
If you pay more elsewhere, It still won't sound better than here !
String musical instruments
Wind musical instruments
Shakers  &
small musical instruments
Alpha (Founder)
Video featuring many of the instruments
for sale on ths page
(Played by "Percussion of Guinea")
We have some of the best African musical instruments in North America
Authentic musical instruments from Africa
Not the tourist African musical instruments but authentic professional ones
enjoy our authentic instruments and find them to be some of the best African musical instruments
There are so many African musical instruments in Africa.
Over 50 countries, each having their own African musical instruments
Some countries like the countries from the old Mandingo Empire have similar African musical instruments.

African musical instruments are not limited to drums, but many strings and other types of instruments exist
across the continent.
Some African musical instruments are more recent creations from this century, but most of them have been played
for generations.
Traditional African musical instruments are made of natural material that can be found in abundance in Africa.
Recently, more modern African musical instruments are made out of non traditional materials.

Some authentic African musical instruments also got modernized by using modern materials through time.

Similar African musical instruments are common to different countries with slight construction variations.

African musical instruments are all over the continent.
African musical instruments are make their way to the western world starting with the most popular.
Because some popular African musical instruments are now manufactured in multiple countries, it is not obvious for people to
figure out which region of Africa they originated from, the best example of this is the Djembe drum.

BeBeautiful African musical instruments.
Professional African musical instruments.
We have the best African musical instruments.
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African Musical Instruments
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