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The Bolon is a base type tunable Hunter's string instrument  which consists  of  a  large bowl-shaped calabash covered   with  goatskin, from  which  a bow-shaped wooden  pole extends. This harp is the oldest string instrument  among all the string instruments played in Guinea. It has three   strings, each   attached   around   the   pole, and is played all over Guinea.
Two extra strings have recently been added on newer versions of Bolon, but the two extra strings are non traditional, and only an addition of some younger musicians.
The strings  are  tuned by moving  the pole rings  up  or  down.
This instrument was inspired and created with materials and behaviors used in the hunter's daily life in the Mandingue at the time of its creation. The skin covering the Bolon instrument is coming from an animal killed while hunting. Notice how the pole and string are looking like a bow. Other components are made out of natural sources that always existed in the hunter’s environment: calabash (Gourd)..etc
A resonator  is  often mounted at  the top of the pole.
The Bolon is played  positioned in between the legs, strings facing the  player . The strings  are   plucked  with  the thumbs, combining the wrists also knocking the calabash.
It produces a deep bass sound.
The proposed 3 strings version is  from Guinea   (West Africa).
It  was  traditionally played in hunting ceremonies in songs extolling the hunters' bravery  and  before  battle, to  urge  warriors  on  to  great feats  of courage and endurance.

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