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Fule - Flute

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This flute is from the Peuls ethnic group from the Fouta Djalon region of Guinea - West Africa, and it is made out of reed. It is called "Fule" in Soussou language but "Buru" in Malinke language, or Tanbin.
Very popular among the Peul musicians, It usually has three holes, and is played as a side blown flute. Wrapped around with leather and wax, and decorated with sea shells (Cowries), it is now being used in public orchestras with such instruments as Bala (in Ballet performances).

This flute is also found wherever Peul are located , thus in different countries in West Africa.
These flutes can be found in several keys (from E to Bb), and the different flute types are F, F#, G, Ab, A.

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