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The  krin  is  a  hand-held cylinder made out of a piece of hollowed  tree  trunk with 3 slots of different lengths running across it.  Two wooden sticks are used  to  produce  multiple different resonant   sounds, depending   on  the   point  of  contact (slots, flat upper surface, or side).  This  instrument originated from Guinea, and is  believed  to  have  sacred properties. It was, and still is, traditionally used  to transmit coded messages  between villages. Its size can reach up to 10 feet wide. The Baga  people use it to accompany  secret  ceremonies and call it "Tali" when it has only one opening.
In the forest region of Guinea, some versions  have up to 5 different slots and are played strapped to the waist.
The krin is also often played in a vertical position, either strapped to the shoulder, waist, or one side resting on the floor, depending on the region where it is played.
The national ballets have integrated It in their orchestra, in an effort to represent all instruments from all over Guinea.
The version being sold here is made out of Bala wood.

2 Original sticks provided with each Krin.

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