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Djembe history by Famoudou Konaté

Updated: May 22

I just stumbled upon this newly released video, and I believe it is the perfect additional information for a blog article I posted over 10 years ago in 2013.

In the following video, you will hear Djembe history directly from a very respected, expert, and elder Djembefola: Famoudou Konaté.

The video covers the origin of the Djembe instrument, including the different type of Djembes like never explained before!

I was absolutely fascinated to learn that the Mortar did much more than inspire the creation of the instrument by the blacksmiths; It seems the way women are crushing the grain in group with a single mortar also influenced the creation of rhythms!

According to Famoudou Konaté, the repetitive sound of 3 women crushing the grain in the mortar inspired ternary rhythms, while the the sound of 4 women crushing the grain in the mortar inspired 4/4 rhythms...

Another testimony of the influence of women in Mandé music (Remember women clapping rhythms in groups before the Djembe was created, also inspired many rhythms).

A priceless video!

Thank you for releasing this video Papa Konaté - Merci Papa Konaté! Aniké

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