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Djembe wood

Transferred from an older blog: Original post date by Alpha (Administrator) in 2003

The 4 different types of wood above are some of the best among multiple West African woods to build Djembes.

Combination of wood type/density, shell shape, weight,proportion of the shell, thickness of the skin head, and the assembling process are some of the key factors in the musical quality of a Djembe.

The Melina wood (yellowish color) is a wood very widely available compared to the other wood types, so this is why the price of Djembes made out of Melina can be much lower than the others.

All our Djembes are built by families who have produced the same artifacts for generations. They have mastered the techniques of selecting materials and building instruments for centuries. All 4 woods can provide Djembes with very good sounds, from base to tones and slaps.

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