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Learning how to play the Djembe drum

Transferred from an older blog: Original post date by Alpha (Administrator) on 06/23/11

This article assumes that one is unable to travel to West Africa to learn directly from there, immersed in the culture. That is really the short and best answer.

The very first thing to do if you intend to learn how to play a musical instrument is to purchase an instrument that will allow you to learn properly. Learning how to play the Djembe is no exception! A professional sized authentic Djembe will allow you to play all the different basic notes (Base / tone / and slap). Small Djembe that you can almost squeeze under your armpit won't do it! Visit the Djembe advice blog article to find out the process of purchasing an authentic Djembe and not a Djembe look-alike. - You can also read the other article in our blog entitled: Choosing the right authentic Djembe for you.