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The   sikko  is a tunable hand-held thin  squared drum made of a Melina wooden frame  with goatskin  nailed  to it.  There  are  different sizes of sikkos, each  one  having  a  different  pitch .  It is a tunable instrument played  by hand or with a stick.
The sikko  is  usually played by holding it vertically in one hand from  the  frame  side  and   by  striking  it  with  the  other  hand (or stick). It can also be played with 2 sticks by a single player. There  are  usually  a  few  sikko  players playing simultaneously in  an  orchestra, each  of  them playing  a different sized one.
The  sikko  originated  in  the  regions  of southern Guinea and northern Sierra Leone.
It  is  played  in local neighborhood ceremonies, like weddings. The frame tuning system at the back of the instrument allows a very flexible tuning.
This version originates from Guinea (west Africa) - Original stick provided with each drum

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