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The Tamani (or Tama) is a small double-sided drum from the Malinke ethnic group. It is carved  out  of  a  single piece  of  wood, and covered with antelope or goatskin.
It is played positioned under the armpit, which allows the sound variations by modifying the pressure  on the ropes while playing. It is played with one curved stick on one hand, while the fingers of the other hand can touch the drum skin directly to modify the sound.
The multiple speech like sounds that can be heard from this instrument explains its nickname:The talking drum.
The instrument was used in villages to call upon people when important news was to be announced. It is now also played in an orchestra with multiple Tamani. Small bells are sometimes attached around the edge rim to complement the patterns played.
Played throughout west Africa, it can be found under different names.
The proposed version is from Guinea - west Africa - Original curved stick provided.



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