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Explore West African music and cultures with the following unique products and services:

Break your day with our weekly fun and informative group class, and discover some of West Africa's  traditional music - Expose school students to some of Africa's huge traditions and cultures through fun music workshops and presentations - Have a Team building activity at work or offsite, and bond your team through fun and challenging drumming activities - Make a wedding memorable or enhance a fundraiser / special event with an authentic live or virtual performance - Hire one or more versatile African percussionists for a recording or concert - Let us help you with our Artist management services for African artists - Purchase a professional and authentic West African musical instrument.

Virtual performance

Virtual performance

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Wedding performance

Wedding performance

Book a wedding performance

African drumming workshop

African drumming workshop

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Live Performance

Live Performance

Book a live performance

School Assembly performance

School Assembly performance

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Authentic African musical instruments

Authentic African musical instruments

Order a musical instrument

Summer festival performance

Summer festival performance

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Weekly drumming class

Weekly drumming class

Join the Toronto percussion school



Book a presentation

Private party performance

Private party performance

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Fashion show performance

Fashion show performance

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Dance workshop - Live drumming

Dance workshop - Live drumming

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Team building drumming performance
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Drumming class Toronto


About our classes

Hi Alpha,
I want to let you know that I am really enjoying learning drumming with you.  I feel challenged, I have fun and appreciate your patience and teaching style.

—  Terri, Toronto




Absolute beginners / beginners:

Do you want to start playing the Djembe, but feel intimidated, or don't really know where to start?  Allow us to help you break the ice.

Have you been playing the Djembe or hand drums in a drum circle, but feel like you need  dedicated instruction from a music school?

There are other people like you in our beginner's and intermediate dedicated drumming classes and lessons.

No prior experience is required.

Drumming class

Drumming class

Drumming class

Drum class

Drum class

Drum class

Djembe drumming classes

Djembe drumming classes

Djembe drumming classes

Join the best drumming class in the city

Every week, we have new students joining the  Toronto adult classes: $20 drop-in for a 1H30 min group class

(Cash payment at the door -No registration required)

Djembe drum use for free, please reserve it in advance


A free private introductory lesson with the purchase

of your 1st discounted package or gift card:

Package of 6 Adult classes in Toronto $90  ($120 value)

Package of 9 Adult classes in Toronto $130 ($180 value)

Package of 12 Adult classes in Toronto $170 ($240 value)

Package of 15 Adult classes in Toronto $200 ($300 value)

Package of 18 Adult classes in Toronto $235 ($360 value)

You can use 3 classes credits for a 1 H private video lesson, up to  half of your package / gift card credits.

We also have private in-person, and video drum lessons

You could win a free lesson or receive a coupon code

You could win a free lesson or receive a coupon code

Drumming curriculum

These Fun drumming classes and lessons based in Toronto-Canada, are focused on Guinean Rhythms and traditions.
Alpha developed a detailed course with group level and online play-along soundfiles and notation using simple music notation for home practice in between music classes.
A list of all the rhythms (piece of music) played in classes, together with their origins and meanings is also posted.

Like any other musical and percussion instrument in the world, playing the Djembe drum requires instruction!

Experienced Djembe players:

Do you want to take your Djembe hand playing technique to the next level?

Do you want to experience a higher level of musical interaction, and play more complex and challenging arrangements on one of the world's most famous hand drum?

Do you want to join a group that occasionally performs at venues in Toronto and throughout the GTA?

Have you been playing the Djembe in drum circles for some times, but you feel like you need to improve your playing technique to take it to the next level?

Our percussion school has many people like you in our Intermediate and advanced dedicated  group classes and lessons.

Some benefits of Djembe drumming

- Relief daily stress.

- Improve listening skills and develop multi-tasking abilities:

- Improve concentration and the ability to focus.

- Improve short term memory.

- Develop Confidence.

- Improve left / right hand coordination and independence.

- Read and write simple percussion notation.

- Communicate without words or gestures.

- Discover the world of improvisation and soloing.

- Learn about Mandingue and Guinean culture / traditions in a fun and friendly environment.

​By attending our classes, absolute beginners will be introduced to the world of West African percussion in our beginners class. Professional musicians playing a percussive or non percussive instrument will experience music in a way that will change them forever: Piano players, Drum kit players, this is your chance to experience a different right/left hand independence / coordination to take your instrument to the next level.

Toronto classes schedule

JCC Community centre - 750 Spadina (@Bloor and Spadina)

Teaching method

Alpha's teaching method is focused on developing intuitive understanding of West African percussive music, and percussive music in general, with a strong focus on synchronization, as well as the basic playing techniques used in a Mandingue drumming ensemble.
Alpha has had a unique exposure to both European / North American and West African teaching methods, which allowed him to successfully develop a simple and efficient teaching method for everyone.
Beyond the group classes, you will also have access to private  lessons with Alpha or other percussion instructors.

Check out our Drumming blog. Some of the main articles posted are: The many benefits of Djembe drumming, Why you will never learn how to play the Djembe in a drum circle, Traditional Guinean percussion orchestra "playing basic",Learning how to play the Djembe drum, and more...




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