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Doundoun set

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The doundoun set  originated from the region of actual Guinea, and Mali (West Africa), and is most likely a natural evolution of the smallest Tamani instrument through time. These drums are accompanied by djembes in dance rhythms.

The proposed sets are built in Guinea - West Africa, with the 4 metal rings system. Customized original stick provided with each Drum.

The doundoun / Dundun set, is composed of  3 tunable drums: the doundoumba, the  sangban (Sangbeni), and the kenkeni (Kensedeni). 


These double-sided drums are of  three  different  sizes, each of them  being carved  out  of  a  single  piece  of Melina wood. They are covered with calf or cowskins.

Shell size  is  one of the  contributing  factor  in  the  different pitch sound  of  each of the  drums. The size  of  the  drums range is as follow: The biggest, the bass toned doundoumba; the  medium,  regular toned  sangban,  and  the  smallest, high  pitched  kenkeni. 

Each drum is played by a single player using  one wooden  sticks. A  metal  bell  is  attached to each of them, to complement  rhythm when played horizontally.  All 3 of them are also sometimes played in a vertical position by a single player using two wooden sticks (Modern Balai version).

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